A visit to the foggy fjords of Norway

The size of this mine is incredible. Drops of hundreds of meters below your feet. Felt like it belonged in Lord of the Rings.

Everything was dug out in an angle of 45 degrees or more, which you can see here.

Going underground – Abandoned mine exploration

Last week, I was in Norway with a basic black diesel SAAB 9-5. This weekend I was back in another part of Norway with a fully loaded black V6 Aero 9-5.
In the previous entry I wrote about how much I loved the car in the end of the trip. This car captured me before I even had left the parking lot. The sound, the looks and the way it drives. It can’t be written down how great it is, you have to try it yourself. It is rock solid no matter what you try to make it do. I won’t be displaying an image of the speedo this time, simply because driving the car made me forget taking pictures.

Not my best pictures, but I was happy taking them. That matters.

Went up to Halden, a beautiful town in the south of Norway. Usually you can see pretty far from Fredriksten Castle, but this morning was extremely misty. Autumn weather this year is strange.

I stopped to take photos of a waterfall but got interrupted as I spotted an unusual sight behind me. My parked Aero sedan got a visit from one of few black Aero combi’s. I just had to snap som pictures of it in action, so a full throttle chase it was.

Norway and another black 9-5..

This story is about a great black SAAB 9-5, Abandoned places in Norway and a tight friendship.

It’s hard to keep this travel a strict photo story. I work for SAAB and I love our cars. Naturally me and my best friend choose a new SAAB 9-5 as our companion for this road trip through southern Norway.
I was a bit skeptic in the beginning. The car was a basic diesel version, with not that many gadgets or toys. But as the mile counter climbed higher, the car felt better and better. In the end I had a real tear in my eye returning it. The black 9-5 took us around many great places using only one tank of diesel, with a lot left in there once back in Gothenburg. This is a short recap in pictures of a great September weekend, containing Ship wrecks, abandoned asylums, playgrounds and my friend Erik.

(Pictures of the speedometer is of course on Autobahn.)


Norway, Mental Asylym and SAAB 9-5

Hong Kong is my favorite destination. The food, the people, the city – the pulse. It’s impossible to not fall in love with these crowded little islands in the south of China.
Visited in June 2009 and revisited in December 2010.

Hong Kong & Macao